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Application Process

How can I apply?

If you are interested in taking any of our courses, you can apply directly through our website by visiting the relevant course page and submitting an online application. Application through BISE is at no cost to you and is designed to increase your chances of being offered a place at the university. 

Once you click 'Apply', you will be prompted to create an account, which will allow you to manage your application details and save the application form to complete at a later stage if needed.

We recommend that you upload all the copies of the qualifications you have access to at the application stage to avoid delays. The evidence required will vary based on the course but generally most courses require a copy of your previous BA degree, proof of English Language level and ENIC Statement (if applicable) and a CV.

When can I apply?

We offer postgraduate starts throughout the year, with the two main intakes occurring in January and September. Please see individual course pages for the start dates offered on your preferred course and any associated application deadlines.

We accept applications throughout the year up until shortly before the courses start. The university may be able to accommodate late applications, provided all the required documentation can be provided before the course start date.

We do, however, recommend that you apply as early as possible – even if you haven't yet been awarded your first degree or other entry qualification to secure your place.

What happens after I submit my application?

  1. Application Review

The online application will be reviewed by our admissions team in Beijing to determine if you meet the eligibility criteria set out by the university.

The admissions team will contact you if they have questions regarding your application. Please note we may contact you by leaving a message in the application system and by WeChat/email or a phone call.

Unfortunately, not every candidate will be successful. We will pre-screen your application to check if you meet the minimum entry criteria for admission. If you do not, we will let you know and this will save you from having to pay the university registration fee.

  1. Admissions Interview (Select Courses)

Currently two of our courses require candidates to take part in a mandatory admissions interview:

- PGCE for International Trainees
- Doctorate in Education (EdD)

You are encouraged to take this as a great opportunity to talk about your motivation and study aspirations, and to also ask any course related questions. The PGCE interview is conducted by the BISE admissions team, whilst the EdD interview will be with the course lead at the university.

Students applying for other courses may be requested a phone interview with the BISE admissions team to discuss their application details if needed.

  1. Course Registration Fee Payment to the University

If your application has met the minimum entry criteria, the University of Buckingham will now process your application and you will be asked to pay a registration fee of 275 GBP.

Please note, whilst being successful at this stage significantly increases your chance of acceptance onto the course, the acceptance is not guaranteed.

  1. Submit Any Outstanding Documents

You're just one step away from an offer now! Check your email inbox regularly (including the spam) as you will be contacted by the university regarding any outstanding documentation. They will want to hear the status of any outstanding documentation and may need your assistance to chase any information outstanding from your school. The BISE admissions team in China will be readily available to help facilitate communication between you and the university if you experience any challenges.

  1. Receive the Offer Letter!

Congratulations on making it onto the course! You will receive an offer letter, which you will need to sign and return before your place can be confirmed.



如果您有意向申请我们的课程项目,您可以通过我们的网站访问相关课程页面并提交在线申请。 BISE不收取任何额外费用。我们的使命是通过提供更实时有效的服务,助您被理想的项目录取。


我们建议您上传手头所有相关文件,以避免因为文件缺失耽搁录取进程。 所需的证明材料因课程而异,但大多数课程都需要您的学士学位副本、英语语言水平证明、ENIC 学历认证和简历。


我们全年提供研究生阶段项目的入学申请服务,两个主要入学时间点在 1 月和 9 月。 请查看具体课程页面,了解您首选课程的开课和申请截止相关日期信息。




1. 申请审核

在线申请将首先由我们在北京的招生团队进行审核,以确定您是否符合大学所要求的录取资格标准。如果招生团队对您的申请有任何疑问,我们将与您联系。 请注意,我们可能会通过在申请系统中留言、微信/电子邮件或电话与您联系。

不幸的是,并不是每个候选人都会成功申请到理想的项目。我们将预先筛选您的申请,以判断您是否符合最低入学标准。 如果您的情况无法满足该项目的最低要求,我们会提前告知您,这样您就不必白白支付申请费用。

2. 招生面试(仅部分课程要求)


- 面向国际申请者的教师资格研究生证书课程(PGCE)
- 教育博士(EdD)

我们鼓励您借由面试的机会谈谈您的学习动机和未来的目标。同时,这也是您进一步了解课程的好机会。 PGCE 面试由 BISE 招生团队进行,而 EdD 面试将由大学的课程负责人负责。

如有必要,申请其他课程的学生也有可能会被要求与 BISE 招生团队进行电话面试,以讨论他们的申请细节。

3. 向大学直接支付注册费

如果您的申请符合最低入学标准,白金汉大学将从这一个环节开始处理您的申请,并要求您预先支付 275 英镑的注册费。


4. 提交尚缺失的申请文件

您现在距离报价仅一步之遥! 请定期检查您的电子邮件收件箱(包括垃圾邮件),因为大学会就任何未完成的文件与您联系。 他们将希望了解任何未完成文件的状态,并且可能需要您的帮助才能从您的学校获取任何未提交的信息或文件。如果您遇到任何问题,BISE 中国的招生团队将随时为您提供帮助,并帮助您与大学之间的沟通更加顺畅。

5. 收到录取通知书!

恭喜你被您所选择的项目录取! 您将收到一封录取通知书,但是请注意,录取通知书只有当您确认接受录取,并按时将已签署的文件回复给大学时,您的录取资格才是真正有效的。


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